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Installation = Caretaking

Once we have a shared vision and set of priorities from the design phase, we will take that design to develop a budget and timelines.

My premium food forest installation and maintenance service includes installation of your garden design and 12-month maintenance, that my team executes with vision, care and precision. 

We extend the same values, courtesy and integrity through the entire building process that you come to know and love during our design development phase. 

This also helps your bottom line because there is no costly translation to sub-contractors, and you never have to worry that corners are cut. 

My pricing reflects best practices in the industry, and I give you a set proposal price that doesn’t change unless the scope changes, so you know exactly what to expect upfront. 

That's Why I Call it Caretaking...

Here are some of the landscape elements we install:

Landscape Design and Installation

Plant Communities

Edible landscaping

Ecosystem restoration
Pollinator sanctuaries
Songbird habitat
Veggie gardens

Culinary herbs
Medicinal herbs

Low-mow lawn
Regenerative farming systems…

Food Forest Installation and Maintenance

Water Systems

Earth contouring
Rain gardens

Rainwater harvesting
Gravity-fed irrigation
Stormwater management

Gray water beds...


Landscape Design and Build

Soil Building

Worm bins
Bokashi compost
Sheet mulching
No-till agriculture
Integrated chickens systems
Biomass production

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Maintenance = Love

Long after the installation is complete, I will continue to support you to tend to your new food forest. 

Learning the plants takes time, and I’m here every step of the way. 

My goal is to empower you to understand and interact with the environment you live within. 

To that aim, I offer caretaking services to help you feel confident in reading and responding to your land, and to do the “heavy lifting” when needed.

I invite and encourage you to join our caretaking crew for 1:1 caretaking coaching (reading the land, harvesting, working together) if you are available during our scheduled visit.

That's Why I Call it Love...

Regular maintenance visits may include any of the following tasks:

Garden Design, Installation and Maintenance

Planting Maintenance

Annual veggies

Perennial beds

Plant propagation
Replacing dead plants

Pruning trees and shrubs
Trellising and training vines

Landscape Maintenance

Water Systems

Irrigation maintenance
Rainwater harvesting
Gray water maintenance
System maintenance

Edible Garden Maintenance

Soil Management

Over seeding
Cover cropping
Chop and drop
Managing debris piles for wildlife
Compost management compost
Soil amendments
Refreshing mulch…

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