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Let's transform your Tenerife yard into a Garden of Eden.

With our edible garden design service we create together a beautiful food forest that grows abundant produce (fruits, vegetables, nuts, berried, herbs and even honey) all year long;

A sanctuary that enhances your physical and mental health and quality of life – today and when you’re older;

Your own personal nature reserve that attracts precious birds and pollinators;

A garden that boosts the value of your home, lowers your maintenance costs to near zero, uses less water, and lower your energy bill.

I Care...

I care about YOUR needs and wants, wishes, challenges and aspirations.
And I deeply care about the land, the environment, the trees and wildlife.

I'm a Tenerife Expert

I have studied, worked, designed, experimented, and installed food forests in the very specific (and often harsh) environment of Tenerife.

I Have a Dream

My dream is to create a better world by empowering every land owner to establish their own beautiful, edible, sustainable food forest.

I Guarantee My Work

I love my work and I’m proud of it. I always go the extra mile and beyond.
I will keep revising your garden design project until you are 100% satisfied.


Expect countless colours and design combinations, fragrances, flavours, sounds from birds, insects and wind chimes and a variety of textures.


I include the best perennial fruit and nut trees, berries, annual and perennial vegetables to provide you abundant fresh produce all year long.


Every food forest I create is designed to protect biodiversity; grow food, medicine, and pollinator habitat; build soil, and restore the water cycle.


I carefully listen to and take into account your vision and wishes and combine them with the needs and challenges of your property. 

My Philosophy

I believe that everyone deserves fresh, organic, local, and chemical-free food

Edible Food Forest Design


Native and ecologically adapted, wherever possible.

Sustainable and resilient landscape design is best, and that sometimes means working with the plants and trees you already have – I’ll try to give them a second life with new companion plants. 

I will design a resilient garden that can survive with little water and maintenance, endures harsh weather and intensive use by kids and pets, keeps invasives at bay,  contributes to wildlife habitat and tree canopy, and grows lush and abundant year after year. 

Food Forest Installation and Maintenance


Low water by default. 

Unless you specify otherwise, I will choose plants that are already acclimated to our Tenerife climate and your property’s specific conditions, and cut down on water requirements naturally.

I will design water paths to move water where it’s most needed and intentionally design diverse plant communities which will thrive with minimal irrigation.

If appropriate, I will suggest simple, efficient and clean ways to use gray water and collect and store rainwater.

Landscape Design Tenerife


Alternatives are worth exploring. 

If you want a lush, green lawn in your landscape design project – I’m not going to stand in your way. 

But I might (I probably will) politely explain the advantages of alternatives, like low-water ground cover, which I prefer.

Edible Garden Design


It’s my job to use my expertise to execute YOUR vision. 

I want to know everything about you, your property, and how you want to live in your outdoor spaces, in addition to all of your property’s unique characteristics. 

Then I will deliver a design that – either closely reflects what you want, or introduces the new ideas you’re looking for. 

My ultimate goal is to help you spend more quality time outdoors in the comfort and abundance of your own sanctuary.

The Landscape Design Process

Let me show you how easy it can be to become happier, healthier and more self-sufficient

Edible Garden Design

Walk & Talk Consultation

This is the first phase of our edible garden design process.

We begin with an on-site consultation where we discuss your goals, budget, and priorities. We then look at the site together, and begin to understand the challenges you face and how to best approach the project.

After our walk & talk you you can take my advice on board and start the transformation on your own…

OR… we go over to the next step where, together, we design a beautiful, edible, sustainable food forest – fully tailored to YOU.

Edible Garden Design

Onboarding & Concept

Once we start the garden design process, you will begin your onboarding process by describing your vision, uploading photos and videos of your yard, sending inspiration pictures, telling me about your priorities, budget, and much more. 

I tailor this design for you and your property, so tell me everything! 

I will take all your input into creating a Project Concept, a document you will receive typically within one week after getting your input.

When you approve the Project Concept we’ll move to the next phase… The Initial Design.

Edible Garden Design

Initial Design Draft

After you’ve confirmed your Project Concept I’m going to start the edible garden design process.

Within two weeks after you’ve confirmed the Project Concept, you will receive the first conceptual drawing of your property to get an idea of the entire layout. 

It’s time to collaborate!

I will ask you to leave extensive feedback on each area of your designs to tell me what you love, want to remove, or have questions on.

I will take all your notes and feedback into consideration in the next (and final) phase – the Final Design.


Edible Garden Design

Final Design Delivery

I will make the necessary changes based on your notes and feedback to the initial landscape design – to present you a new version, which typically takes up to one week.

After your edible garden design is completed, you’ll have your finalized drawing, plans for installation as well as an extensive plant list selected for you and your property’s needs – divided by locations, and a document with implementation and management information.

The plant list includes sizes, colors, edibility, medicinal qualities, bloom times, life cycles, pollination needs,  ecosystem contributions, and where to purchase.

Ready to Start Your Food Forest Design?

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