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I’m Jonathan Neta, and I turn gardens like yours into FOOD FORESTS.

If you dream of high quality, nutrient dense, organic food that is so local – it’s within walking distance from your kitchen – then you’re in the right place!

I specialize in design of beautiful, edible, sustainable, tailored food forests – in Tenerife’s subtropical mediterranean climate.

Whether you have a small urban garden, a larger suburban plot or a rural finca, I would love to design, implement and maintain your own Garden of Eden – a food forest that will meet and exceed your needs and dreams.

Why a Food Forest?

Food forest is the ultimate organic, edible, sustainable, low-maintenance garden. 

Does a forest need tilling, weeding, fertilizers or irrigation? Nope.
And that’s what we’re going to create in your garden.

Not tilling preserves the natural soil structure, prevents loss of topsoil and allows all the tiny soil organisms to do their jobs – cycling nutrients and maintaining fertility. 

Food forests continually enrich the soil with organic matter as leaves fall and plants die back for the winter so no chemical fertilizers are needed.

The deep roots of trees and shrubs make them much more drought tolerant than annual vegetables, and they shade the smaller plants below, keeping everything lush and moist in a self-maintaining – highly sustainable – system.

As a result, food forests help restore land, biodiversity, and habitat while producing food. Lots of organic, nutrient-rich, healthy food.


I help you transform your garden (or barren piece of land) to a beautiful, edible, sustainable, tailored food forest.

HOW I do it

I design, and together with my team implement and maintain your food forest… or teach you how to do it yourself.

WHY I do it

I believe that you can easily create a happy, healthy, abundant and sustainable life while making the world a better place.


Food Forest Design Tenerife is creating a better world by transforming gardens and barren lands into edible, abundant, sustainable food forests.

The B.E.S.T. Principles of Design

Beautiful. Edible. Sustainable. Tailored.

Food Forest Design Tenerife


I design your garden to be beautiful to all your senses.

Imagine your garden with abundance of colorful flowers and butterflies, water elements and wind chimes sounds, fragrant flowers and herbs, tasty fruits and vegetables and a million things to touch and feel.

Edible Food Forest Design


I call our gardens “food forests” for a reason.

I help you choose the best fruit trees (both local and exotics), vegetables (both annuals and perennials), nuts and herbs (and honey, if you want) to provide you with fresh, organic, abundant produce… all year long.

Sustainable Food Forest Design


I use permaculture and sustainable growing principles to create a completely organic, ecologic, regenerative garden for you.

It is designed to work in co-creation with nature – requiring minimum labor, minimum irrigation and NO chemical fertilizers or pesticides EVER.

Tailored Edible Garden Design


I design YOUR own Garden of Eden.

My design follows YOUR vision, style and taste.

I take your guidelines, wishes and dreams and design them into a unique, personal expression of who you are – providing you with what you need and want in your garden.

A Little Bit More About Food Forest Design Tenerife...

and what we created...

Ready to Start Your Food Forest Design?

Invite me for a Walk & Talk Consultation

Edible Garden Design

Walk & Talk Consultation

This is the first phase of designing your own Garden of Eden.

We begin with an On-Site Consultation to observe your property, ask you questions, discuss your needs and possibilities and give you recommendations and resources to jump-start your own unique food forest.

Edible Garden Design

Food Forest Design

This is the second phase of designing your Garden of Eden.

You will get a complete plan dividing your food forest into several zones (based on functionality, irrigation and maintenance), and including 5-7 layers of trees, shrubs, groundcovers and vines to minimize work and maximize harvest.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation & Maintenance

If you prefer to delegate the installation and maintenance to my team and me – we are happy to take care of everything – from implementing our design to showing up twice a month to maintain your growing Garden of Eden.

This way you can sit back and enjoy the birds, butterflies, flowers and all the food you can eat…

Online Food Forest Course

Online Food Forest Course

The Food Forest course covers the basics of designing, planting, and maintaining an edible forest garden full of fruit and nut trees, perennial and annual vegetables, and flowers.

Including which plants to use, where to start, and what to expect as your food forest grows and evolves.

Ready to Start Your Food Forest Design?

Invite me for a Walk & Talk Consultation